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Business Partnerships

Growth / Transition / Partnerships


The joining of parts to create a greater whole


  • Leveraging the skills/gifts of each to maximize results
  • I trust my partner
  • I understand my shortcoming


  • I contribute and deserve more than 50%
  • I don’t get enough credit
  • Why do I really need him/her?

Questions to Resolve

Am I ready for a partner? Do I really want to share the profits?

Am I a team player? Do our skills complement each other?

Would I enjoy working with this person? Can we trust each other?

Case Study 01

Business expertise and conscious partnering

Galina Pana

BGmetrix Corp


Where do I find a competent and conscious business partner?


“Bill helped me crystallize what I really needed – an American businessman who would partner with me to create a conscious business (Benefit Corp) to provide Life Science products to US organizations and professional practitioners.”

Case Study 02

Design and execution of a comprehensive business, marketing and sales plan

David Bernstein

President, ELDS Associates


I built a software program for my community as a favor. They like it and others also want it. Can I market it? Can this be a business? How do I do this?


“I needed a strategic partner to design and execute a comprehensive business, marketing and sales plan for a software product I had written. Bill’s deep expertise in all these areas of planning and implementation made for a very successful process and outcome.”

Case Study 03

Marketing and business components taken care of

Bill Easton

Vice President, Lexpar


We wrote a software product but needed help with the sales, marketing and business components. We did not want to run the business end of it – we only wanted to continue to write the software.


“I continued with development and product support while Bill was responsible for the marketing and business end. The relationship was seamless to our customers.

I found Bill to be quite competent and skillful in the areas of business judgment and decisions, expert in the areas of sales & marketing, and genuine and cooperative in the areas of business partnerships.”

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