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marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting


Define, design and implement all the pieces to support and improve sales


  • Understand the market
  • Accurately assess the product within its market
  • Find the real key for its success


  • Spend lots of money
  • Recommend every marketing trick until something sticks
  • If nothing works, blame the product

Questions to Resolve

Where’s the market?

Is the product ready?

Do you have internal supporting systems in place?

Is everyone on board?

Case Study 01

Effective messaging and business plan

Chad Joubert

International Business Communications


How can I more effectively describe my services? How do I write a business plan? How do I present my best qualities?


“Bill helped me to clearly articulate the services that I provide, he guided me to write an effective business plan and he easily understood what I was having difficulty expressing.”

Case Study 02

Focus on initiatives that drive results

Marshal A. Crawford

President & CEO, Marble Computer


Although very successful with our mainframe software product, we needed to develop and launch a complementary product on the PC.  We knew how to develop it, but needed help with marketing and business strategies.


“Regarding our new PC software launch to the industry, Bill guided us with his expertise in business direction, marketing design and strategy. I have seen some of the amazing things he can do. We are appreciative of his skills and positive contribution, and we highly recommend him to anyone who seeks improvements in marketing.”

Case Study 03

Focus on initiatives that drive results

Jill Leigh

Founder & Director, Energy Healing Institute


My business is strong but I’m overwhelmed. I’d like to pull back a bit and let the company run with less of my effort. Can I market myself differently (creating online courses, expanding to a national and international presence)? Will that give me time for my other goals?


“Bill helped me crystallize my marketing strategy and focus the business efforts, message and activities on the initiatives that would drive results and leverage the assets we offer.”

Case Study 04

Business plan development and implementation

Tom Amodio

President, Infinity Systems


We built and use a software program for our services. We think it can be sold independently but we’re not software sales and marketing experts. How do we do this? Who can help us?


“Bill developed a business plan that included sales, marketing, pricing & policies and successfully implemented it. We were very pleased with his skills, his implementation, his cooperative nature and his working relationship with us”

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