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Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching


Helping the boss/chief


  • I’m the helper, (s)he’s the chief
  • Find their needs, honor their pace
  • Know your limits and theirs


  • I know more
  • I can get him/her exactly there
  • Full steam ahead

Questions to Resolve

Can we connect well?

Can we agree on the goal and the pace? Is the goal reasonable?

Do we have confidence in each other?

Case Study 01

Keeping on track and getting past obstacles

Robert Jokel

Producer and Director of the documentary film: “Immune to Cancer, Bringing the Full Strength of Your Immune System to the Aid of Your Medical Program


How do I maintain the momentum and manifest my creation? How do I get past obstacles? How do I keep on track and cross the finish line? How do I see the finished product?


“Bill helped me in a multitude of ways – to keep on track, to get past obstacles, to trust & believe when in doubt, to confirm the significance of my creation – all while walking beside me throughout the process.”

Case Study 02

Clarity in message and direction

Marina Maurino, MA


I’m building a website and have so much material it’s sometimes confusing. I’d like to clarify my message and direction and attract more clients.


“I entered the dialogue with fragments of the puzzle and Bill skillfully organized them into a coherent whole. I have confidence in his ability to convey exactly what I need to present.”

Case Study 03

Refinement of product offerings

Lisa Carrillo, MS, MBA


I wanted to better define my business and take it into a new direction.


“Bill’s clarity and questions brought razor-sharp refinement to my purpose and to my product offerings. He saw exactly where the juice is in my work and showed me how to highlight it so that others see it too.”

Case Study 04

Guidance in all matters advertising and marketing

Anita Boeninger, BSW, RYT

Founder of SOMA Wellness Arts


I was working full time while developing a personal business. How do I do both? How do I plan a transition?


“Bill is professional, friendly, helpful, insightful, and offers his expertise with a touch of humor that makes everything go down with ease! He’s a guide in all matters advertising and marketing.”

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