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Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting


The art/act of helping a business achieve its goals


  • Listen to the stated issues
  • Design a custom solution for each situation
  • Keep it simple and clear


  • Come in heavy handed trying to impress
  • Overwhelm the client with volumes of words and text
  • Use a boiler-plate predesigned template for every situation

Questions to Resolve

Are your goals clear?

Are the obstacles known?  Are they real?

What’s at stake? What do you really want?

Case Study 01

Guidance in all aspects of a new business

Gerd Winkler

Director of Global Autism Solutions


How do I start my own business? I am an expert in my field but need help to transition into my own independent business. What corporate structure do I use? Business strategies? Accounting system? Marketing and messaging?


“Bill helped me through all aspects of my new business from accounting, to business planning, to marketing/messaging, to strategic directions, to general brainstorming, and to very kind and often needed, emotional support.”

Case Study 02

Clear vision of a new direction

Rose Fitzgerald

Yoga Synthesis


I was unhappy with operations, marketing and profitability. We’re spending too much time doing admin stuff. How do we get back what we love? Can we improve sales? How do we market? Can we survive? Do we need to sell or merge?


“After several meetings, there was a better understanding of the deeper values, which were combined with practical business practices to move forward in a new and more satisfying direction.”

Case Study 03

Added value to a leadership team

Erin Flowers

President, The Open Door Acting Company LLC


We needed better exposure and presence, and we were happy to receive Bill’s help.


“Bill quickly rose to become a leader in the group and later a business ally to the company, working as a consultant/advisor to our marketing team. Bill has a real passion for business served by a HIGHLY intelligent mind for expansion and growth.”

Case Study 04

Re-Energized sales force

Don Thimsen

President, DTS Software


Our sales were extremely low and our company direction was in question. Can we increase sales? Can we re-energize our team?  Or must we downsize and contract? How do we do either?


“We called upon Bill to head our marketing department and to assist us with strategic planning. Bill strategized with us to implement new internal systems, re-energized the sales force, expand our business development partnerships, and work with our international distributors. We experienced improvements and success!”

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