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Prinzivalli Consulting

Partnering with CEOs and Executives to Transform, Inspire, and Thrive

Taking you and your leadership team to new heights

  • Personalized CEO & Executive Mentoring
  • Strategic Planning Consulting
  • Adaptability Training to Navigate Accelerated Changes
  • Clarity and Support in Decision Making
  • Inner Alignment Attainment

new Book

Improvisational Leaders

Bill Prinzivalli’s new book is out!

In this book you will learn how to:


Find your Inner Olympian, your “zone”, to be your best possible self


Integrate right brain techniques to achieve greater success and fulfillment in business


Become a better leader starting with leading yourself


Improve your communication skills by integrating the Conscious Communication Cycle approach


Incorporate mindfulness in your daily life, including your workplace, sports activities, and hobbies

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“A different approach to guiding CEOs and executives”

Bill Prinzivalli uses a holistic approach to help CEOs and executives to attain ultimate business success and personal fulfillment. He does not apply the same strategies or solutions in each case. Instead, he comes in with an open mind, without assumptions or projections. Bill assesses the situation by listening deeply and using his business expertise and a variety of modalities including mindfulness, conscious communications, and his finely tuned inner senses. Afterwards, he creates a plan to help you transform, inspire, and thrive.

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Meet Bill Prinzivalli

Bill Prinzivalli has a vast array of experience in developing corporate and business strategies, streamlining operations, improving efficiencies, designing marketing programs, and planning for growth and/or transition.

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